The 10 Best Telescopic Ladder Reviews In The UK (2024)

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

Do you need a ladder that is mobile and easy to store? Telescopic ladders can retract half their size (or more), making them easy to carry upstairs or slip onto a shelf. If you wish to add one to your tool collection, then feel free to look at our top reviewed ladders of the year!

Our Top 3 Telescopic Ladder Picks
1. The Best Telescopic Ladder (3.8 m) By CozyBrite
2. The Best Telescopic Ladder For Home Use By Youngman
The Best Telescopic Ladder (5 m) By Teenza

The Best Telescopic Ladders Available In 2024

1. The Best Telescopic Ladder (3.8 m) By CozyBrite

One of the most popular heights people look for when they buy a telescopic ladder is 4 meters. This length allows you to comfortably reach any high-up space that you need to clean, renovate or restore. We chose this particular ladder as the best 4 m deal because of a great design and lots of useful features.

First off, it just looks sleek and professional. But besides good looks, you can look forward to a ladder that is practical and safe. Like most other ladders, it can carry up to 150 kg and the 13 rungs are adjustable. You can choose different heights according to your needs and once the chore is done, you push one button and the ladder safely retracts itself.

This button protects your fingers during retraction but it’s not the only safety feature. You can also enjoy more stability because of the stabilizer bar at the bottom, the rubber feet and locking pins that prevents the ladder from collapsing while you work at your chosen height.


  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Several safety features
  • Portable
  • 4 m of variable height settings


  • When fully retracted, the height is 88 cm (you might need a bigger storage area than other telescopic ladders)

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Do you need a great ladder around the house? This ladder’s height and simplicity makes it perfect for domestic duties. But in case you are concerned that it might have a lower quality than those used in construction jobs, don’t be – you still get a very useful and safe ladder.

True enough, with this ladder you can reach most (if not all) the high gutters, windows, and shelves in your house. When fully extended, it offers 3.8 meters (which is one of 13 height settings that you can choose from). The frame is also forged from stainless stell to ensure that the ladder is both durable and easy to lift or carry.

The rubber feet keeps the ladder stable and protects the flooring inside the home. The ladder can also safely bear up to 150 kg and the rungs are wide and deep to give you a secure place to stand. Once you are done, the ladder can be retracted to a height of 0.8 m and stored on a shelf or under the bed.


  • Easy to use
  • Swift to extend and fold
  • Perfect for tasks around the home
  • Needs minimum storage space
  • Wide rungs for secure footing


  • No safety hooks
  • Not suitable for heights more than 3.8 m

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3. The Best Telescopic Ladder By Teenza

Best Telescopic Ladder By Teenza

This ladder made the top spot on our list for several reasons. Most importantly, it’s packed with safety features and can be used in different situations (both around the home and in professional settings). Let’s have a quick look at what this ladder has to offer.

The frame is aluminium, making it strong but also lightweight. This means that you can easily carry the ladder as well as place your full weight on the steps. Indeed, the ladder can take a maximum load of 150 kg.

At its full height, the ladder measures 4.9 meters which is perfect for cleaning windows, clearing out gutters, and indoor maintenance. The ladder can be extended step by step, so you can pick the perfect height for any situation. Once you have chosen the correct height, the ladder can be safely locked in place to avoid collapse during use.

Does it have any other safety features? It sure does. This ladder also comes with rubber feet for stability, a bottom bar for extra sturdiness and it was also safety certified by EN131 standards.


  • Safety certified
  • Easy to use
  • 4.9 m maximum height
  • Compact and portable
  • 150 kg limit


  • You need to watch your fingers when retracting the ladder

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4. The Best Telescopic Ladder With Hooks By Gymount

This tall giraffe is perfect to tackle really high jobs around the home and at work. Considering that this ladder measures 3.8 meters when fully extended, safety is paramount. Let’s have a look at why this ladder is not only safe but also suitable for everyday use.

As far as safety is concerned, the designers included something special which is a roof hook. This nifty device ensures that the ladder and roof are securely connected while you dig around in the gutters or paint the tiles. You can also safely adjust and lock the ladder at the desired length while the stability bar and rubber feet keep the ladder from wandering while you work.

Despite being so tall, the ladder remains portable, easy to operate and store. In case you are wondering, the ladder is indeed EN131 Certified. Overall, you can expect a great all-rounder that is superbly versatile, safe, and made to last for a long time.


  • Supports up to 150 kg
  • Can be used for nearly every job that requires a ladder
  • Safety certified
  • Portable and strong


  • Care must be taken during retraction to prevent injuries to your hands

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5. The Best Telescopic Ladder (Black) By Erlan

Best Telescopic Ladder (Black) By Erlan

Most of our ladders thus far have shared the same look. But if you love a dark finish, then we’ve got something special for you. This ladder also offers plenty of perks when it comes to usefulness, mobility, safety, and length.

This one reaches 5.5 meters at full extension but you can also order a smaller version that reaches 2.3 meters or the biggest version that opens to 6.3 meters. Whichever length you choose, the ladders are made from a rust-resistant aluminium alloy that comes with a weight capacity of 150 kg.

Besides being quick to expand and contract, another noteworthy feature are the rungs. They were designed to be wide and ergonomic. In other words, you are less likely to develop foot pain and fatigue after spending time on this ladder.

The safety features include a locking mechanism for each level, a stabilizer bar and a non-slip mat to steady the ladder on any surface. Love extra accessories? Great because you’ll also get a carry strap, transportation wheels, and a removable stability hook with the ladder!


  • Durable and rustproof
  • Plenty of ergonomic and safety features


  • Care must be taken during expanding or retracting to avoid hand injuries

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6. The Best Telescopic A-Frame Ladder By LJWJ

Best Telescopic A-Frame Ladder By LJWJ

In some cases, A-frame ladders are more popular because they feel more stable and can even be used by two people at the same time. If you like this type of ladder and want to try a telescopic A-frame, then this one should definitely be on your list. It’s adjustable, durable, and very steady.

This ladder also comes with a decent weight limit of 150 kg. Thanks to its corrosion-resistant materials, you can use it outdoors as well as indoors, from washing the windows to changing light bulbs. Any task is a breeze thanks to the variable height settings and an ultimate height of 4.4 meters.

What peace of mind does this A-frame offer? Well, just like the other top ladders on our list, you are protected by features like rubber feet, a stability bar, and locking mechanisms at every level. Don’t let storage issues stress you out either; this ladder can shrink to a quarter of its original size which makes it easy to tuck away.


  • Can be adjusted in small increments
  • Easy to use and store
  • Suitable for domestic and professional use


  • Cannot be used beyond a 75 degree angle in relation to the ground
  • Care must be taken during retraction to avoid hand injuries

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7. The Best Telescopic Ladder With A Carry Bag By Todeco

Best Telescopic Ladder With A Carry Bag By Todeco

This ladder can be adjusted to 13 height levels. Each level is 30 cm apart which gives you a finer control over your line of sight in relation to the task at hand. You can adjust the ladder just a bit to wash a low window or extend it fully to 3.8 meters to fix a ceiling fixture.

The ladder is suitable for the outdoors thanks to the tough aluminium alloy frame (which is also incredibly easy to clean). But besides being rustproof, lightweight, and durable, what else makes this ladder worth your time?

The ladder is manufactured in accordance with EN131 standards, supports up to 150 kg, includes locking mechanisms for extra safety and a button that retracts the ladder without trapping your fingers in the process. You also get a free bag. This dual purpose gift serves as a storage bag and a carry case.


Non-slip feet makes it safe to use on any surface
Easy to store and clean
Durable and rustproof


  • Care needs to be taken during retraction to avoid injuries (although the retraction button makes this ladder safer than those lacking such a feature)

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8. The Best Multi-Purpose Ladder By Sterk Systems

Best Multi-Purpose Ladder By Sterk Systems

What if you love both straight ladders and A-frames but don’t want to buy both? Then this flexible ladder is your soulmate. Indeed, this ladder can switch between both types with ease. Fold it down and you have an A-frame but fold it up and you get a straight ladder.

This ladder is also incredibly flexible. For example, you can independently adjust the legs of the A-frame to work in areas that involves staircases, steps or other multi-level construction projects. Putting a ladder on steps might turn your thoughts to safety…

The good news is that this is probably one of the safest ladders to own. It is made from strong, durable aluminum alloy in accordance with EN131 and GS safety standards. The ladder, which reaches a maximum height of 3.7 metres, can also safely support a total load of 150 kg.


  • Suitable for all types of jobs
  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Safe to use


  • Care must be taken during retraction to avoid injuries

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9. The Best 2-Meter Telescopic Ladder By JBM

Best 2-Meter Telescopic Ladder By JBM

Meet our smallest star! With a total height of 2 meters, this ladder is perfect if you want a good piece of equipment without the extra height choices of longer ladders. Sure enough, despite being the shortest ladder here, you can still use it for chores like painting, fixing light bulbs, and cleaning top shelves.

To help you reach that light bulb or shelf, there are 6 steps or levels of adjustment. But besides being easy to expand, the ladder also retracts into a very small size. Roughly weighing about 5 kg, you can easily pick the ladder up and store it under a bed or in the trunk of your car.

The ladder also has non-slip rubber feet and a stabilizer bar for extra safety.


  • Suitable for most routine jobs around the house
  • Very portable and easy to store


  • The ladder is not suitable for roof repairs or similar high areas

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10. The Best 3.8-Meter Telescopic Ladder By ParkerBrand

Best 3.8-Meter Telescopic Ladder By ParkerBrand

This telescopic ladder is noteworthy for being user-friendly.

You will never struggle to open or close the ladder. Adjusting the ladder between the two available height settings (0.89 m and 3.8 m) is also quick and easy. Additionally, the entire structure weighs about 10 kg, so anyone can move it without too much effort.

Sure, this is also one of the smallest ladders on the list. However, the frame is just as tough (made with rust-resistant aluminium alloy) and carry the same 150 kg weight limit as the best of the tallest ladders.  

What about safety? Besides having rubber feet and a stability bar, the ladder’s build conforms to both GPSG and EN131 standards and it’s also CE certified. At the end of the day, you can confidently use this ladder around the home, office, and outdoors.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Safe to use


  • Some consumers feel that the ladder can be more stable and better constructed

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The best telescopic ladder is durable, compact, lightweight, and safe to use. The biggest drawback with this type of ladder remains the risk of getting your fingers trapped when retracting the rungs. However, this can be avoided by careful handling.

Benefits of Having a Telescopic Ladder

Benefits of Having a Telescopic Ladder

These ladders have plenty of perks to offer. The main benefit is obviously the ability to expand and retract, which is something traditional ladders cannot do. This makes telescopic ladders easier to move and store.

Thanks to safety features like locking pins and rubber feet, these ladders are also very stable. The best telescopic ladders are also designed to be ergonomic. More specifically, to provide comfortable foot space and to limit the fatigue that comes from working on a ladder.

You can also adjust the ladder to make it easier to bring indoors (try getting a long traditional ladder through a door and around a corner and you’ll see what we mean!).

Safety Precautions

Telescopic ladders have their safety concerns. Make sure that you only purchase a stable ladder – stable when it is open, stable when you are putting your weight on it and stable when adjusted. Good features to look for is the stabilizer bar, rubber feet and locking mechanisms.

Never exceed the ladder’s weight capacity, either. Most telescopic ladders have a maximum weight of 150 kg. Exceeding the weight capacity reduces stability and may cause an accident.

Also, it’s important to read the ladder’s manual. It shows you which mistakes to avoid and how to care for the ladder. The manual will also explain how to prevent the most common injury that occurs with this type of ladder (getting your fingers trapped between the rungs during retraction).

What to Consider Before Buying a Telescopic Ladder

There are several things to consider before you invest in a telescopic ladder. The first is quality. If a ladder is poorly-made, it’s not going to stay safe for very long. A good ladder is usually made from aluminium alloy, so keep an eye out for that.

Some people need to stay within a budget, so that could also be a concern. Luckily, there are quality ladders in the lower price range. But before you buy anything, it’s smart to research a potential purchase to separate a good item from the tacky cheap ladders.

Weight and storage space are also important. Choose a ladder that is light enough for you to carry and small enough (when fully retracted) to be conveniently stored under the bed or inside a closet.

Finally, what height must your ladder reach when fully extended? If you need something to clear the gutters now and again, you can invest in a smaller ladder. But if you perform professional DIY or construction tasks, then a 6-meter ladder might be a better choice.

FAQ Section

Here are the most common FAQs regarding telescopic ladders

Q: Can you have variable heights or does the ladder needs to be fully extended during use?

A: Each step can be adjusted individually. You do not have to extend the ladder fully.

Q: Is it easy to trap my fingers when retracting the telescopic ladder?

A: In some cases, yes. That’s why it is important to buy a ladder with safety features specifically designed to reduce this risk.

Q: Is every ladder compliant with the EN131 standards?

A: No, not all ladders come stamped with the EN131 certification.

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