How Do Telescopic Ladders Work?

Using the Telescopic Ladder

Are you ready to give up your old ladder for the latest telescopic ladder? It is important to understand how they work before you purchase one. No doubt, the telescopic ladder is designed with the latest technology and they are becoming more popular by the day. They are compacted and easy to move from one location to the other. With the telescopic ladder, you can attain the height you want which means you can carry out a variety of jobs using a single ladder. However, you need to understand that the fact that they are useful and have some in-built safety features does not mean you don’t have to learn the technicality before you mount it. In this article, we will look at how you can use the telescopic ladders right from the time you make the purchase. If you still need to buy one, check out our guide here

What to Do Before Using the Telescopic Ladder?

After buying your telescopic ladder, the first step is to fully understand the process of using the ladder and all its safety features. Read the instruction manual and understand it fully.

It is crucial that you get familiar with each safety feature before you start using your ladder. You should also make sure that every locking mechanism is properly fixed before you climb it.

In case you have any doubt concerning any feature or safety mechanisms, do not climb it to avoid the risk of major accident.

How to Use the Telescopic Ladder?

Using the Telescopic Ladders

Read the installation process on the manual and follow the instruction to set it up. When using the ladder, do not tamper with any locking levers or pull the ringed locking levels. The ladder may collapse if you do any of the above. It is also crucial that you set your telescopic ladder on a flat surface. Ensure that it is resting on a clean and smooth floor. Do not erect it on an uneven floor to avoid it toppling. You should also never put a box or any other object under the ladder in order to achieve additional height. If the ladder is not as high as you want, you might want to get another one with a better height.

How the Telescopic Ladder Works?

The telescopic ladder works like a regular telescope with each rank of the ladder sliding down to pile on the following rung and technically collapse on itself to create space. This makes for a portable and smaller sized ladder that you can carry and maneuver easily. Unlike the conventional ladder, you can put the telescopic ladder in the trunk of your car without any issue and you won’t have to worry about space limitations.Telescopic ladder works by having each of the step lock into place when extended. What this means is that the ladder doesn’t have to be totally expanded before you can use it. You can erect the ladder to the level you need unlike the long traditional ladder. One thing you must realize however is that your safety is dependent on the locking mechanism of the telescopic ladder. There have been various report of situations where certain ladders had begun to suffer wear without the knowledge of the owner to the point of the rung not locking into its appropriate place. Unfortunately, more often than not it is practically impossible to see the locking mechanism physically. Therefore, you should properly inspect the telescopic ladder before you climb it to avoid any accident.


Generally, the telescopic ladder is perfect for working in areas that the regular traditional ladder can work safely on. However, before you buy your ladder, try to get reference from friends and colleagues who use telescopic ladder. Ask questions about brands and locking mechanism. Also check for warranty and the safety features that have been incorporated into the ladder.

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