Maintenance Of Your Telescopic Ladder

Maintenance Telescopic Ladder

Caring for your telescopic ladders is an essential practice which ensures that you get optimum performance while at the same time ensuring that you do not invalidate its warranty. Although every telescopic ladder manufacturer specifies the maintenance procedures in the instructions manual, most of them are similar. This is because most telescopic ladders are either made of an Aluminium material or have an Aluminium finish. The fact that a telescopic ladder comprises of moving parts makes it extremely important to keep it clean and dry before storing. Here are the things you should and shouldn’t do to care for your telescopic ladder.

You Will Need

  • Damp piece of cloth
  • Dry cloth
  • Silicone-based furniture polish
  • Silicone spray

What to Do

Use a damp piece of cloth to wipe off excess dirt from the ladder and dry it using a dry cloth. Sometimes the ladder may be too wet to be dried by a dry cloth alone. In such circumstances, use a silicone spray to dry the ladder. The spray ensures that all the hard to reach sections of the ladder are sprayed and dried prior to storing it. Sometimes the rungs of the ladder may become stiff in a way that affects the smooth process of retracting and extending the telescopic ladder. When this happens, apply a silicone-based furniture polish to the stiles.

The thin wax coating of the polish will smoothen the up and down movement of the rungs thus making it easy and effortless to retract and extend the ladder.When using the ladder, always be careful with its position. Make sure that the vertical tubing of the stiles are not pressed any concrete because this will accelerate the process of wear and tear.

Doing this will expose the telescopic ladder to rusting agents because it wears off the Aluminium finish on the surface of the ladder. It is both a safety and maintenance precaution to always ensure that the ladder’s plastic couplings rest at the top against a vertical or horizontal surface.

What Not to Do

It is important to always resist the temptation to use your telescopic ladder as a plank in the horizontal position. This weakens the stiles as well as the mechanisms of the ladder and would compromise its stability and hence its safety. Secondly, do not use the telescopic ladder as a fire rescue ladder because this would mean that you will have to open it vertically downwards yet its design does not support this kind of mechanism. The downward force is just too much for the pins of the ladder. The third thing you should stay away from attempting is trying to lubricate the rungs with a WD40 lubricant as this would lead to the accumulation of more dirt hence clogging the up and down mechanism of the telescopic ladder. Lastly, you should never leave you telescopic ladder outside when it is raining. Rusting agents could be present in the rainwater and corrode the telescopic ladder. Maintaining your telescopic ladder is as simple as following the guidelines stipulated in the instructions manual. It is the sure way to getting prolonged services from your telescopic ladder while at the same time ensuring that you do not invalidate its warranty.

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