How To Repair Your Telescopic Ladder?

Telescopic Ladder Repairing

Telescopic ladders are the current craze. We consider them to be the modernized versions of the extension ladders. They are safe and easy to use. Plus, they are versatile as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Like any other equipment, these ladders can get damaged. Let’s look at some common issues (with their solutions) you might face with a telescopic ladder. However if you feel like they are past the point of repair, check out our guide covering the latest models on the market here

Problems and Solutions

Problem: Damaged Rungs

Solution: The rungs can get damaged over time as you use the ladder. The damage could be due to heavy items being dropped on them or not being securely placed when being moved. If this ever happens, we’d advise you take it back to the manufacturer. You can check your manual to see if this is covered under warranty. Don’t attempt to use a ladder with a broken/damaged rung as it’s a safety hazard.

As a precaution, you should always be careful when you use these ladders. Don’t drop/rest them with heavy objects. 

Problem: Jammed Up

Solution: The locking mechanism can get jammed up due to many reasons. One of them might be an accumulation of dirt and debris. An accumulation of these items can clog the mechanism. You could try to clean the ladder to help remove the dirt. Always clean using a soft damp cloth and silicone based furniture polish. With that said, it’s better to read the manual for your product to see what the recommended solution is. 

Problem: Worn Out Rubber

Solution: The rubber at the bottom of the ladder does tend to wear out over time. Without this rubber, the ladder’s safety rating goes down as it’s not properly anchored to the ground. As a solution, you can do a quick search online as there are many sellers of telescopic ladder spare parts. A word of warning, only buy from accredited suppliers. This ensures you get the best quality product that will last for a long time. 

Telescopic Ladder Tube

Tips to Take Care of Your Telescopic Ladder

Now that we have covered some problems that you might face, let’s have a look at how you can take better care of your telescopic ladder:

1. Store the Ladder in a Dry Place

Never leave your ladder out in the rain or store it in wet areas. This reduces the useful life of your ladder as it makes it rust and get damaged quickly. In addition, it can also affect the locking mechanism making your ladder a safety hazard.

2. Don’t Use Wd40 and Lubricants of That Nature

You might have good intentions for your ladder, but lubricants like WD40 can affect your ladder in negative ways. Lubricants of this nature tend to attract dirt and dust which can clog the locking mechanism. If you’re looking to lubricate, then use silicone based furniture polish or simply read your manual to see what your manufacturer recommends.

3. Use the Ladder Properly

There is such a thing as using a ladder the wrong way. For starters, be wary of the duty rating of your telescopic ladder and heed it. Exceeding the duty rating might cause damage to the ladder. In addition, don’t use the ladder horizontally, nor should you open the ladder downwards (the wrong way). The ladders will not hold your weight if used the wrong way.

4. Don’t Drop Heavy Items on the Ladder

This should be obvious, but try your best to not drop/rest heavy items on the ladder. This in the long term will weaken the ladder or its rungs making it dangerous to use.

5. Make Sure It’s Properly Secured When in Transit

You should also properly secure the ladder when you’re on the move with it. Don’t place it in areas where it can easily bump with other objects. This can damage the ladder.

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